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  • Hello,

    Over the past few days, this website has been updated to WoltLab Suite 3.1.

    As with any move, things doesn't work always smoothly, so the procedure took longer than expected.

    Now the construction work has been completed, so that all functions are now available again.

    The following changes are comparend to the old website:

    • From now the new push-service "WSC-Connect" is available. An app for Android is available in the Google Play Store. An app for Apple devices doesn't exist yet. The settings can be made in the user profile at
    • The "Pushbullet/Pushhover"push-service from the past was removed because of incompatibility. I hope this can be integrated again the next days.

    The following changes are planned for the future:

    • Since some plugins are already available in the WoltLab Plugin Store, the possibility to get access to the support area is missing.
    • I bought the plugin "UZ bookmark" from Udo Zaydowicz and will integrate it here in the next weeks in a customized version
    • And last but not least, the CMS-pages will be redesigned.

    I wish you much fun on Destinaja.