Code to copy for BBC News?

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  • Hey,

    The code (url) you copy and paste ist right. The Problem is that BBC News doesn’t provide Videos as SSL. When you look on the link above in your post you see “(Non-SSL)”. My website and i think your website too, are ssl-secured. So we only see the link and not the Video. Otherwise we would get an error, because we would try to display unsecured sources.

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  • When are you going to answer my question? The BBC has been SSL for months now and your plugin needs updating. I do not want to risk messing with SQL. thanks.

    You said you would be updating the plugin in August.

    I'm very disappointed to be honest.

  • Hello, which framework version are you using?

    Because of my work load there won‘t be an update the next days. On the first weekend in Oktober i have more time to work on it. An update imply an update for both frameworks and the providers don‘t work similar along the frameworks.

    Paul : You are using WSC. For you a player appears instead the link you posted first.

    (In Addition: After a 12 hours working day yesterday and a 10 hours working day on this day, my motivation to answer on private messages its not very high when your website is still working.)

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  • Hello,

    bad news today. I checked bbc news and only BBC REEL can be supported.

    Because of the changes bbc did, the necessary embed information are not given any longer.

    Before the change a link like result in the embed source All informations are included in the link.

    After the change a link like result in the embed source Now the neccessarry information 49847326 is not given in the link.

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