Media Provider Collection won't install

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  • Hi,

    Trying to install the latest version (2.0.2) of Media Provider Collection and get the following error message:



    Validation Result
    Package Identifier Status
    MediaProvider Collection (WSC) de.thewaiters.wsc.mediaprovider.collection
    MediaElement.js Integration de.softcreatr.wsc.mediaelementjs

    This package is incompatible with the following installed packages:
    “WoltLab Suite Core” (com.woltlab.wcf)
  • Hello,

    which version is installed?

    You can get all versions here from the shop (and Package Server).

    At WoltLab there are still 3 further versions in review. These 3 are disabled here in the shop during the review.

    Basically, i prefer the package sever from here, because the versions on WoltLab are not always the current versions.

  • Hello,

    which version is installed?

    Since WOltLab 5.3 was installed on my site and said that all my plugins were incompatible, I've had no plugins installed since then. I desperately want to link to BBC stories on my site again.


    I've just tried to install the plugin from this site 2.0.3 and now get the opposite problem. It says mediaelement is fine, but the mediacollection is incompatible.


  • You removed the exclude to upgrade to 5.3.

    an now you can’t update the packages because some versions between has the exclude.

    The easiest way is to wait until the review by WoltLab is done. Than I remind you here. And than you do a fresh new installation of the Plugin.

    Because the version history between your version up to the current version for WSC5.3 is:

    2.0.2, 2.0.3, 3.1.0, 5.2.0 and 5.3.0

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  • Hi,

    Downloaded the latest file and it installed fine. Thank you very much.:thumbsup:

    2nd query:

    I use my site to post links from various news sites especially the BBC. I noticed with your old plugin version that the BBC links are from the international version of the BBC site, ( not the main UK one ( As a UK citizen, I am not permitted access to the site and have to use,uk.

    I have gone into the settings of the plugin and changed the URL to from, as shown here:

    But I am getting the following error message when pasting,uk links onto my site:

    As the old version of the plugin worked fine after changing the plugin settings to, can you help me to adjust the plugin settings so that all the BBC news links work correctly please?

    Thank you