New plugin available in the shop: SocialLinks

Dear readers,

the plugin "SocialLinks" has been published in the shop. A central collection of (social) links at one place with many options to display them.

With SocialLinks for the WoltLab Suite 3 you manage your (social) links centrally and easily in one place.

You can select an individual icon for each link. You can use all for the framework available. The name field is multilingual.

But that’s not all. The central collection is only the beginning. It’s the base for many great extensions.

The following extensions are already included and more are planned:


Similar to the already existing plugin SocialNetworks, links from the central collection can be displayed as a box in the sidebar. Now you can display an unlimited number of links. The size of the icons can also be varied.


With this extension, you can display links from the central collection in the PageNavigation.

MainMenu (Ab WSC3.1)

You can also display links in the main menu as well as in the main mobile menu. There are several adjustment options available. You can change the size and the display of the links.


Analog to the main menu, there is also an extension for the user menu.


This extension shows the true potential of SocialLinks. You can not only add Youtube or Twitter as a link, but also any other links. The SidePanel is separated in 2 areas. You can set different links for each area. You can also change the display of the links.


This extension also uses the full potential of SocialLinks. Here are 3 areas available. In the right area, you can also display a free text. Of course, the box also adapts to different screen widths.