is back!

Dear Readers,

today is the day. The reconstruction of is nearly finished.

Many things are new and some are different. When you visit the website one thing attract your attention immediately.

Although the page style will be completely finished at Christmas, the current status gives you a first preview of the future design of

Newly added is a shopsystem. There you have already the opportunity to buy my first style UnderwaterAnimated. The next style will follow beginning of 2016.

About my free plugins, instead of the Filebase they can be download in the shop. The reason for this is the integrated package server of the shop system.

In addition to the styles and plugins, services around the topic webdesign is one new focus of Destinaja. These are also be available after unlocking in the shopsystem. A free preliminary consultation is the entrance for those which are interested.

As promised is now multilingual. The security has been improved by SSL encryption and push notifications are also possible.

As you can see, a lot has changed in the last few weeks. I wish you much fun on my website and a merry Christmas.

Best regards

The_Waiters (René Jung)