New plugin available in the shop: AffiliateRewrite

Dear readers,

the plugin "AffiliateRewrite" has been published in the shop, which can be used to remove affiliate-links from third persons or to set own affiliate-links.

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AffiliateRewrite WSC 3.1 - 5.4

Prevents affiliate-links from third persons or sets your own.

With affiliate-links you are often in a legal limbo, because basically you have to mark advertising when you get benefits from it.

The clou of this plugin is, that the original link will not be changed, only the output in the browser. Therefore the original data still remain.

Supported providers and features:

AmazonPartnerNet (product-links)

- remove the partner-id from third persons when activated

- optionally set your partner-id

- optionally adds the note "Affiliate-Link", to mark affiliate-links as advertisements

- set the product name as the link name if available and as well as not set manually